The challenges of expanding through exports

Many businesses struggle to expand their reach through exporting, yet this route to increase sales is often supported by grants, multiple government funded agencies and provides almost limitless potential.


What can you do to take advantage of this expansive market'

Whether it's navigating the commercial contractual elements and the knock-on effects of dealing with cultures, extended credit terms, customs compliance, lead-times and receiving payment. The perceived difficulties and challenges you face in exporting are no longer reaching the overseas market - the internet has solved that hurdle. The biggest single issue is the supply chain and logistical challenges, followed by increased paperwork and red tape according to recent research*.


The untapped export potential of UK SME's

International trade isn't just for larger businesses, as smaller businesses can take advantage through ecommerce sales if they are aware of how to manage cross border transactions. Businesses who export to multiple overseas markets reduce the dependence on any single market. This means exporting offers a pathway to increased resilience, profitability and sustainability for businesses willing to embrace the challenges and leverage the opportunities it presents.


The hurdles ‘would be exporters’ need to overcome

Whether you are an online retailer, manufacturer of bespoke products or a hybrid business operating from the UK, the greatest challenge to starting your global expansion - is the enormity of the unknown.  International shipping, customs fees, currency fluctuations, and unexpected logistical snags - the list of things you need to get a handle on seems almost endless. Yet you enjoy the opportunities of operating in the international language – English. Being based in a globally trusted nation – Britain. Plus having access to multiple companies and organisations whose sole function is to help you conquer these challenges – this should bolster your confidence.


There are many questions you need answers to

  • What if each client brings a new destination, new regulations, and new uncertainties'
  • Where do I start navigating the maze of freight routes and customs regulations'
  • Who is capable of completing the varying documentation, valuation complexities and potential duty pitfalls of international customs procedures'
  • How do I comply with local regulations, particularly when dealing with sensitive customer information'
  • When there are unforeseen delays, damaged goods and unforeseen costs, how do I manage this'


If you have a great product, we can help

Spatial Global are a facilitator of international business, we are unique in the market as our business works equally across ecommerce fulfilment, international mail and freight. We understand venturing into international markets is a significant undertaking. Drawing on our extensive network and expertise, we can help you navigate the ever-shifting sea of routes and regulations, find the most efficient, cost-effective path for each unique shipment. We're fluent in the language of customs clearance and capable of creating the necessary documentation and knowledge to smoothly navigate border crossings.

We’re not a global corporation where you are simply an account reference, we’re financially strong, we operate a personal service – and you will have someone who knows you, your product and the markets within which you operate. This means we get to understand your business, your customers and then help you take calculated risks or actions to mitigate.


The first step...

Challenging times means you need a freight team to work incredibly hard to provide you with the very best solutions, answers and service levels. The first step is to meet, whether it’s in person, on a video call or by phone.

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