Defining your Technical Needs when selecting a 3pl efulfilment partner

In today's fast-paced e-commerce world, choosing a 3PL partner that embraces technology is no longer a luxury, but a necessity for sustainable growth and success.


PART 2: The 3PL landscape is diverse – how do you find the perfect match'

Choosing a 3PL efulfilment partner involves careful consideration of their technical capabilities to ensure seamless integration with your brand's systems and provide optimal order management and stock visibility.


Order Processing Integration

API/EDI Compatibility: Does the 3PL offer Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) or Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) capabilities to automate order intake, confirmation, and status updates between your platforms and theirs'

Real-time Updates: Can you receive real-time order updates, including confirmation, picking, packing and shipping notifications, to keep your customers and systems informed'

Error Handling: How does the 3PL handle potential order errors or discrepancies during integration' Are there automated notification and resolution processes in place'


Inventory Management and Visibility

Inventory Synchronisation: Can your inventory levels be automatically synchronised with the 3PL's warehouse management system (WMS) to ensure accurate visibility and prevent overselling'

Inventory Reporting: Can you extract detailed inventory reports, including location-specific stock levels, product movements and stock forecasts, to optimise inventory management'

Multi-warehouse Management: If you utilise multiple warehouses, does the 3PL offer tools for centralised inventory management and visibility across all locations'


Additional Technical Considerations

Order Tracking and Visibility: Can customers track their orders in real-time through your platform or a dedicated portal provided by the 3PL'

Returns Management: Does the 3PL have an integrated system for handling returns, including tracking, processing and restocking'

Data Security and Compliance: Ensure the 3PL adheres to industry data security standards and complies with relevant privacy regulations.

Platform Compatibility: Confirm compatibility between your e-commerce platform and the 3PL's technology stack to avoid integration issues.


Information to Extract

Order Status Changes: Real-time updates on order confirmation, picking, packing and shipping.

Inventory Levels: Accurate and up-to-date stock levels for all products across all locations.

Inventory Movement Reports: Detailed reports on product movements, sales trends and restocking needs.

Delivery Tracking Information: Real-time tracking data for shipped orders, including estimated delivery times and carrier updates.

Performance Metrics: Data on order fulfilment accuracy, shipping times and other key performance indicators.

By prioritising these technical needs and ensuring access to crucial information, you can establish a secure and efficient partnership with your 3PL e-fulfilment partner, leading to smoother order processing, accurate inventory management and a satisfied customer experience. Remember, thorough research and clear communication with potential partners are key to finding the best fit for your brand's technical needs.


Data Security & Customer Service Metrics

Check the 3PL provider's data security measures to protect your sensitive information and ensure compliance with data privacy regulations.


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