Culture, communication & collaboration needs when selecting a 3pl efulfilment partner

You’re selecting a partner who has the power to help you grow or could potentially damage your brand. It takes more than a few Google searches and a price comparison exercise.


PART 2: The 3PL landscape is diverse – how do you find the perfect match'

To find a partner who aligns with your growth goals, collaboration, trust and clear communication are key. A transparent relationship with your 3PL enables proactive problem-solving and tailored solutions to meet your needs.


Here are some ways to gauge this elusive yet crucial aspect

Will you have a named account manager as a liaison or just a support desk'

A personalised approach goes beyond simply providing fulfilment services. It fosters a collaborative partnership, tailored solutions and a shared commitment to your brand's success. By investing in a 3PL partner where a person takes the time to understand your unique needs and personalise their services accordingly, you can ensure a smoother, more efficient and ultimately more successful e-commerce journey.


Are they client-centric in their approach - or do you need to fit within their framework'

When your 3PL partner truly understands your business, they can anticipate potential challenges and proactively address them. This minimises risks of errors, delays, or unforeseen costs. Additionally, with a customised approach, they can streamline processes and eliminate unnecessary steps, leading to improved overall efficiency and cost savings for your business.


Are they proactive in helping you solve problems - or are you left to figure out how'

The success of your online business hinges on customer satisfaction. A personalised approach allows the 3PL partner to understand your brand values and customer expectations. They can then tailor their fulfilment processes to ensure orders are picked, packed and shipped accurately and efficiently, meeting or exceeding customer expectations. This personalised touch can translate into higher customer satisfaction, repeat purchases and positive brand association.


Can they scale easily to handle increased demand or changes in your business scale'

Your business is bound to evolve and your fulfilment needs will change alongside it. Can they accommodate seasonal fluctuations without disruptions' A personalised approach ensures the 3PL partner is flexible enough to adapt to your growth or changing requirements. They can scale their services up or down, adjust processes and implement new technologies as needed, all while staying aligned with your evolving goals.


How is your account reviewed, how often, and what’s the objective'

When the 3PL partner understands your business and goals, communication becomes more effective and collaborative. You can have in-depth discussions about strategies, challenges, and opportunities, leading to better joint decision-making and proactive problem-solving. This open communication fosters trust and strengthens the partnership, allowing you to work together towards shared success.


How they treat you as a prospect will give you an idea of the fit, but beware!

It's easy to get charmed by a slick sales pitch. Every 3PL will tell you they're the best, but to pick the perfect partner you need to cut through the fluff.

Look for substance over style – seek out evidence of data-backed achievements and precise instances where they've tackled challenges akin to yours.

A great way of getting a gut feel for the business is to ask to walk the warehouse floor, follow the process from orders in to picking and dispatch. In getting to see their facilities first hand you should get a feel for the people and the relationships.

While not quantifiable, these subjective measures should hold equal weight in your decision making process.


We’re personal, approachable, and happy to help you create a benchmark formula to compare us against others.

  • We provide Pay-as-you-go efulfilment solutions
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If you’re looking for a 3pl efulfilment partner to help you grow – get in touch.

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