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Investing in our Freight Team and CargoWise

9th May 2022
Freight Forwarding and international customs have changed more in the last two years than in the previous 50 – so it’s more important than ever that our people are supported with expert training by accredited bodies.
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The Reality of Brexit

1st November 2021
With all that's happened with the global pandemic, Brexit seems to have lost the headlines but with the EU trade deal finally complete, what does post-Brexit really look like?
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The changing nature of ecommerce

23rd August 2021
The pandemic and resulting global recession have caused many businesses to rethink their route to market as ecommerce becomes a standard consumer expectation.
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Paper wrap mailing

16th August 2021
As the paper wrap options increase for magazine mailings, more companies choose printed paper wrap to increase advertising and promotional opportunities.
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Ecommerce Return Logistics

9th August 2021
Reverse logistics, or managing products that have been returned by a customer is an increasingly time consuming process which many online retailers are now choosing to outsource the function.
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Ecommerce fulfilment for underfloor heating

26th July 2021
Trade Underfloor Supplies (TUS) specialise in the design and supply of energy efficient underfloor heating systems for the trade. After tendering out their ecommerce fulfilment to seven 3PL’s - they explain why they chose Spatial Global.
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Mental Health Online Book Sales Growth

31st May 2021
With many people enduring isolation for unprecedented periods, coupled with the increased awareness of how mental health impacts on our lives - has brought about a boom in mental health publishing, resulting in record online book sales.
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Spatial Global a Keswick Enterprises Company

24th May 2021
In a year of systemic shifts within the economy and uncertainty permeating every sector; the benefits of being part of a successful group like Keswick Enterprises are undoubtedly reassuring to those who rely on us as a key partner in their supply chain.
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Online book sales surge during lockdown

19th April 2021
With more than 100 countries worldwide experiencing full or partial lockdowns by the end of March 2020, and most starting 2021 in a similar state has resulted in a boom in reading.
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Expanding ecommerce fulfilment resources

5th April 2021
Spatial Global has experienced significant growth in the ecommerce demand during the past 12 months and as a result, parent company Keswick enterprises has invested in the procurement of a specialist fulfilment company APS.
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A new era in UK manufacturing exports

22nd March 2021
2021 is set to be a historic year for many reasons, but with multiple government initiatives coupled with supporting organisations like MAKE UK, many British manufacturing businesses are looking to increase export sales.
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Paperwrap interest increasing

16th November 2020
Our six figure investment in a new paper wrap mailing machine is already paying dividends and generating lots of interest as publishers seek to move away from plastic wraps to a more sustainable solution.
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2021 Post Brexit Trading Scenarios

9th November 2020
The process for importing and exporting goods to and from the EU will change at the end of the EU exit transition period. Businesses in Great Britain need to take the following action to continue trading with EU countries from 1st January 2021.
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VAT Deferral on Imports

9th November 2020
Any goods that you bring into the UK you must tell HMRC about and pay any VAT and duty that is due. How you do this may depend on whether the goods or services are received from an EU country or not. You may also be able to defer, suspend, reduce or obtai
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Customs Authorisation Template

9th November 2020
Unless your company has access to CHIEF, the UK Customs system, you will need to appoint a company to make import declarations for you. This means you need to appoint Authority for a Customs Clearance Agent to act as a Direct representative.
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Commercial invoice template for customs

9th November 2020
A commercial invoice is an international shipping document provided by the supplier to the customer detailing the type and value of goods sold. The commercial invoice is used by customs to determine duties owed. In the event of a No Deal Brexit, goods tra
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Common Transit Convention Explained

9th November 2020
Common Transit is an EU customs procedure that allows goods to move between the EU and common transit countries or between the common transit countries themselves with duty being paid in the country of final destination. The UK is set to remain part of th
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Exporter's Checklist for Brexit Transition

9th November 2020
Exports to the EU will need to follow the full EU import procedures. This means from 1 January 2021 export declarations and UK exit Safety and Security declarations will be required for all relevant goods. Exporters will need to follow the full export pro
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Importer's Checklist for Brexit Transition

9th November 2020
From 1 January 2021 standard goods imported into the UK from the EU will be subject to customs procedures. Dependent on any trade deal being agreed between the UK and the remaining member states of the EU this could mean a requirement to pay import duty a
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BREXIT Transition Ends January 1st

4th November 2020
The clock is ticking - KEEP CALM but don’t just carry on! There are new rules from January 1st, we all need to take action to prepare. You can act now and Spatial Global have created the BREXIT TRANSITION HUB to help you find out what you need to change
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Jewers Doors Champions of Export

19th October 2020
Jewers Doors design and manufacture industrial sliding and sliding-folding door systems for aircraft hangers, fire stations, shipyards, rail depots and a variety of other specialist building applications.
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Dramatic E-fulfilment Growth

12th October 2020
Spatial Global experienced huge demand for its e-commerce fulfilment services during lockdown, resulting in operating a 7 day working week to keep on top of the increase in online orders.
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Exporting Challenges of Low Cost Items

28th September 2020
When a company wins The Queens Award for Enterprise: International Trade, you know they have a quality product, so when Spatial Global were approached to help in providing help exporting their low cost storage solutions they were happy to accept the chall
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Evapo do their bit to aid public health during the crisis

21st September 2020
Smoking probably puts you at greater risk of coronavirus, not less. Recent studies suggest that one of the best steps people can take to protect themselves is to quit smoking - an Evapo have launched a #QuitForCovid campaign and we
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What mail can be sent where as a result of COVID-19?

17th July 2020
The Mail team at Spatial Global are actively monitoring this rapidly evolving situation. There are some delays or suspension of international deliveries to and from dozens of countries due to flight cancellations and actions by foreign governments. But if
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New Paper Wrap Mailing Machine Ordered

18th May 2020
Spatial Global Mail has been a leader in promoting sustainable mailing options for publishers, and have pioneered alternatives to LDPE polywrap, with materials like biodegradable potato starch-based film.
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A Hat-Trick of BIFA BTEC Awards

27th April 2020
Three of the Spatial Global Freight team all successfully completed their BIFA, BTEC Intermediate Award in Customs Export and Import Procedures.
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Treat Yourself to a World of Flavours

20th April 2020
Award-winning food gifting company TTK Confectionery Ltd specialising in product design and development - their products can be found in over 25,000 retail stores worldwide.
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Spatial Global Win Project Forwarding Award 2019

24th January 2020
British International Freight Association’s (BIFA) Project Forwarding Award 2019 was announced by Ade Adepitan, one of the UK’s most well-known Paralympians and broadcasters, at the glittering ceremony at The Brewery, in the City of London.
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Exporting to Japan - is it for you?

21st January 2020
Spatial Global’s 'Export Champion' Rachel Morley was asked to speak at an event promoting exports to Japan which was hosted by the East Midlands Chamber of Commerce in with the Department for International Trade and Derbyshire Economic Partnership.
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Transaid Annual Showcase

2nd January 2020
Patron of Transaid, HRH The Princess Royal, praises the transport and logistics industry for its support to the charity over the past year. Transaid is a charity close to Spatial Global and parent company Keswick Enterprises Group.
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Driving growth by doing business internationally

13th December 2019
Spatial Global are experts at helping businesses improve their potential for expansion and growth. There are many other fast-growing, less-competitive markets. Just spin the globe and you can find an opportunity to sell something, somewhere.
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We've still got your international post covered!

4th December 2019
Over a year ago we published an article outlining the possible impact of Brexit on international mail and parcel deliveries. 15 months later uncertainty remains about the final outcome of Brexit, so here is a quick update.
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Growth in magazine wrap

25th November 2019
With consumers demanding an alternative to polythene wrap, compostable potato starch wrap has become the leader in sustainable, environmentally friendly fulfilment for magazine mailings.
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Green Magazine Mailing Solution

11th November 2019
As publishers seek greener ways to mail magazines without plastic, an increasing number of Spatial Global’s customers are turning to compostable wrap or paper envelopes to ensure that their magazine distribution is aligned with their sustainability goals.
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Returned Mail Management

28th October 2019
QR codes allow efficient processing of returned mail and help clients to manage their records and reduce waste.
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Exporting from UK

21st October 2019
Spatial Globals' Rachel Morley was interviewed for Network Magazine to provide an experts perspective on what's important when exporting from the UK.
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Gallop Magazine Success

10th September 2019
Gallop magazine, the popular glossy horse racing quarterly, chooses Spatial Global as its publications mailing partner to support its global readership.
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Freight Forwarder UK to USA

3rd September 2019
With the UK Government encouraging exports, it’s no surprise we have had an increase in export services from the UK to the USA.
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Magneto Magazine Launch

17th August 2019
The new quarterly magazine for the world’s greatest cars sold out its first issue, which was distributed by Spatial Global.
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BIFA Magazine mailing contract win

14th July 2019
BIFAlink is BIFA's monthly magazine covering issues of importance for the logistics and supply chain industry. The printed editions are distributed throughout the UK to all current BIFA members, as well as on subscription to non-members.
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Spatial Global launches new Carrier Management Platform

4th July 2019
A new Carrier Management Platform gives customers seamless distribution integrated with their order management software. It means customers can have direct access to raise their own orders, generate labels and receive tracking numbers instantly.
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Freight Forwarder Guide

12th June 2019
If you are a business involved in import and/or export, you’ll probably need freight forwarder to help you manage the shipping, customs clearance of the goods, as well as handling all the relevant documentation involved.
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MultiModal 2019!

10th May 2019
Thinking of going to MultiModal 2019? Visit us on on stand 7070 within the Logistics Leaders Network Pavilion.
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Electronic Customs Data on Mail

29th April 2019
As of 1st January 2019, any item of mail containing goods must carry an S10 barcode if sent outside the EU. This is a precursor to stricter requirements, due to take effect in 2020, where electronic customs data will also be needed.
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Fulfilment House Due Diligence Scheme Approval

1st April 2019
In April 2019, HMRC are bringing in a new quality standard for logistics companies who provide fulfilment services. The Fulfilment House Due Diligence Scheme ensures that fulfilment houses play their part in reducing the abuse of VAT rules by traders.
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Organising an Exhibition Overseas?

22nd February 2019
Organising an overseas conference or taking part in an overseas exhibition are significantly more complicated than in the UK. Here is a checklist of what you may need to consider.
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Transporting Luxury Handcrafted Interiors to Venice Lido

10th January 2019
When Leicester company EE Smith Contracts won a prestigious contract for the Hotel Excelsior, one of the most prestigious and historic hotels on the stunning Venice Lido, the gauntlet of organising the logistics was thrown at Spatial Global.
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ISO 9001:2015 - by jove we’ve got it

7th December 2018
Spatial Global has been granted ISO 9001:2015 certification. This ensures our organisation is focused on meeting our customers’ requirements and that they continue to be satisfied with the services we provide.
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CTU Accreditation and Competency Training

18th November 2018
Loading of Seafreight Containers - The person who packs and secures the cargo into the CTU (Cargo Transport Unit) may be the last person to look inside the unit until it is opened at its final destination.
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Confidential Project Cargo

9th October 2018
How do you ship the components for aircraft hangar doors in excess of 40 metres high with a span more than half a kilometre?
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PPA Awards Night

30th September 2018
The PPA Awards are presented annually by the Professional Publishers Association (PPA) to recognise and reward excellence in the sector.
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Southampton Sea freight Port Visit

12th September 2018
On Wednesday 12th September, Spatial Global hosted a group of customers at DP World Southampton, for a four ‘insider tour’ of Southampton Port facilities.
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Moving to ISO 9001:2015

10th September 2018
As a successful business Spatial Global understands the value of an effective Quality Management System. This ensures our organisation is focused on meeting our customers’ requirements and that they continue to be satisfied with the services we provide.
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Why are sea freight transit times slower?

30th August 2018
Efforts to cut costs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fuel consumption, means the world's largest cargo ships are travelling at lower speeds today than sailing clippers such as the Cutty Sark did more than 130 years ago.
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Understanding the CTU Code

20th August 2018
Poor CTU packing and incorrect declaration of contents is responsible for an alarmingly high percentage of incidents along the transport chain, leading to damage, loss, injuries and even fatalities.
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Investment doubles laser printing capacity

10th August 2018
As just one part of an ongoing process of investment and optimisation at Spatial Global, the Mail team has taken delivery of new additional laser printers, doubling our previous capacity.
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East Midlands Brexit Strategy Group

3rd July 2018
As a member of the East Midlands Brexit Strategy Group, Rachel Morley was invited to attend a roundtable lunch with Lord Callanan, Minister of State at the Department for Exiting the European Union and Emma McClarkin, MEP for the East Midlands.
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Congratulations Janet!

1st July 2018
Janet has completed a three day First Aid at Work training course and is now qualified to give first aid treatment in the event of an injury or illness.
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