Customs Authorisation Template

Unless your company has access to CHIEF, the UK Customs system, you will need to appoint a company to make import declarations for you.  This means you need to appoint Authority for a Customs Clearance Agent to act as a Direct representative.


Word Document Customs Authorisation Template

The document provides information you’ll need to copy and paste onto your letterhead and email it to

Granting the Authority for Spatial Global to become your Customs Clearance Agent to act as a Direct representative.


What is Direct Representation'

In this scenario the customs representative acts in the name of and on behalf of another party. The party being represented is the declarant and is obliged to meet all the obligations arising from the declaration. The declarant will be responsible for maintaining the records and also providing an audit trail. At this point it is important to deal with one myth that has developed: there is a view that a customs representative has no responsibility should they make an error. This is not necessarily the case. If the represented party has given clear and accurate instructions and the customs representative makes an error the latter will not be able to rely on the protection of Direct Representation. The view of HMRC is that they have failed to act in a competent manner and become jointly and severally liable for the debt.


What is Indirect Representation'

In this case the customs representative acts on behalf of another person but acts in their own name. It is incumbent on the customs representative to maintain a full audit trail with regard to the customs declaration. The Indirect representative shall be jointly and severally liable for all customs liabilities arising from the customs related transactions.



Need Advice on importing or exporting into the EU'

We’re happy to provide it – just get in touch!

AEO certified & with years of experience in handling customs formalities, Spatial Global have the knowledge and expertise to assist clients in submitting export & import declarations. We access customs directly via our operating system, processing and transmitting numerous entries every day. Simply get in touch with us & we’ll help find the most appropriate solution to meet your specific requirements.


As an EU certified AEO customs operator in many European countries you don’t have to be a customs specialist yourself – leave it to us. Simply get in touch with us and we’ll handle your customs declarations in your own language and in due time.

Information published here is correct, to the best of our knowledge and belief, at the time of publishing but we take no responsibility in the event of incorrect or misleading information.   This service is provided free of charge and without liability or obligation.


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