Brexit Priority List – Imports from January 2021

7 Things you must do immediately to prepare if you IMPORT from or through Europe.


Brexit Priority List – Imports from January 2021


  1. Agree trading terms with your suppliers and ensure all parties are aware to their respective responsibilities throughout the journey. Where you currently organize the transport from your suppliers premises consider FCA terms otherwise you would be liable for export customs costs along with the transport & import costs. Similarly, where your supplier would usually arrange the transport from their premises consider DAP terms otherwise they could be liable for UK customs, Taxes and duty costs.


  1. Check your supplier has nominated a customs broker in their respective territory to handle customs export declarations.


  1. Notify your supplier of your selected customs broker in the UK if you have one, provide them with contact details and e-mail address in order to supply commercial paperwork electronically, saving time and allowing your customs agent to pre-lodge customs entry details.


  1. Ensure your suppliers commercial invoice contains critical data to enable accurate and seamless customs declarations to be transacted. See a commercial invoice example here.


  1. Speak with your Customs broker and ensure they have your clearance instructions (CPC codes as set out here on the .Gov website) this details to them the correct procedure is followed when completing the import declaration.


  1. Inform your customs Broker if your intending to use any of the easements made available by UK government to assist in moving congestion away from the border, CFSP EIDR / CFSP SFD, Deferred VAT accounting etc.


  1. Speak with your Spatial Global representative for further advice & the most up to date information.



See our 'IMporter's Checklist for Brexit Transition' article for a more comprehensive overview

From 1 January 2021 standard goods imported into the UK from the EU will be subject to customs procedures. Dependent on any trade deal being agreed between the UK and the remaining member states of the EU, this could mean a requirement to pay import duty against your goods in addition to VAT.

In order to help importers through the impending changes, the UK Government has decided to introduce the new border controls in three stages up until 1 July 2021. Some of the easements put in place could allow businesses up to six months to complete customs declarations & defer payments of VAT. Customs duty payments may also be deferred until the final supplementary declaration is made. UK Safety and Security declarations (ENS) will also not be required on imports from the EU for the first six months.


Need Advice on IMporting from or through the EU'

We’re happy to provide it – just get in touch!

AEO certified & with years of experience in handling customs formalities, Spatial Global have the knowledge and expertise to assist clients in submitting export & import declarations. We access customs directly via our operating system, processing and transmitting numerous entries every day. Simply get in touch with us & we’ll help find the most appropriate solution to meet your specific requirements.


As an EU certified AEO customs operator in many European countries you don’t have to be a customs specialist yourself – leave it to us. Simply get in touch with us and we’ll handle your customs declarations in your own language and in due time.

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