IOSS-compliant delivery services

IOSS (Import One Stop Shop) is a VAT registration scheme designed to support Ecommerce sales from non-EU to EU countries, allowing for the collection of purchase VAT at the checkout. 


If you want repeat custom, avoid nasty surprises

With IOSS the consumer pays the VAT up-front and is not presented with a bill for import tax (and an associated carding fee) from the delivery carrier before they receive their order. The result is a smoother purchasing experience and a lower total cost for the consumer.


IOSS requires the seller to have fiscal representation in the EU

For a UK-based seller this means employing the services of an accountancy firm or tax specialist to handle the EU VAT return. Typically a seller will pay an initial registration fee plus a monthly charge and/or a small fee per transaction. The total cost will depend on the company they choose to work with and their sales volumes to EU countries.


Are you registered for IOSS'

Spatial Global has IOSS-compliant delivery services in place for sellers who choose to register for IOSS. These services support the transmission of the seller’s IOSS number with each consignment, ensuring that the receiving carrier can see where VAT has been paid at source. If you switch to these services you will need to adapt your checkout process so buyers in EU countries are charged VAT at the applicable rate. Online sales platforms such as Shopify will be able to advise further on the practicalities of this and will usually have functionality in their software ready to be switched on.

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